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The Beng Mealea

Although a separate drive out of the city, the Beng Mealea proved to be a temple worth seeing in Siem Reap. Some people describe it as a “bigger Ta Prohm,” due to the vegetation that has ruled over the ruins, and although partly true, it’s a crude and rather unfair description for Beng Mealea. It’s a unique temple in itself, and at a very minimal fee of $5, it’s worth the 70km++ drive from the city.

Beng Mealea

The temple’s history is unclear, but it is believed to have been built in the same era as the Angkor Wat due to its architectural similarities. Today, it remains unrestored; with vegetation ruling over the ruins.

Going around was a lot more fun than it was with the other more famous temples. You had to look out for slippery stones, guide your way through dark alleys, and find your steps through the different levels. It feels a lot less touristic when compared to the temples of Angkor.

Should you go? Yes.

It’s a bit far out, but it’s worth the drive. Of course, if you’re pressed for time, don’t dare miss the temples of Angkor for this.

This is a secondary Cambodia entry. Main Siem Reap entry is here.

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