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Why A Hostel Like This Is Your Best Bet

“You get what you pay for”, a quote I almost always live by when it comes to hotels and hostels. In the past three years of on-off traveling, I’ve had my fair share of luxurious hotel rooms and incredibly cheap dorm beds – and the you-get-what-you-pay-for mindset is almost always applicable. Hotels are a given, especially if it’s a global chain or a reputable hospitality group. Hostels, on the other hand, are tricky.

They’re a hit or miss. Most times you get what you pay for – $5 bed? Surely a thin mattress, stained sheets, zero to no facilities; literally a “safe” place to crash to. A little upscale at $20? Expect a proper bed, sparkling white sheets, non-stop AC, clean toilet and bath, even complimentary toiletries.

And then there’s the golden nugget, the winning lottery ticket, the answer to every budget traveler’s prayer – Mad Monkey Hostel Boracay. At just under $8 a night (mid-October), “steal” is an understatement. Here’s why:


I’ve stayed in hostels that have no more than 3 shower stalls for all of their 100 beds, and it’s not fun. At Mad Monkey, all 4-bed dorm rooms come with en-suite toilet and bath. Poop and shower in peace, in clean showers and toilets (still BYO toiletries, though!). The beds are set up pod-style, too AKA privacy when you want it. It’s a little close to having your own room at a fraction of the price. The best part: AC is there when you need it. No rules.

And if you don’t feel like sharing a room, but would love to experience the party culture and positive vibes of Mad Monkey, they have private rooms available. I made sure I didn’t miss trying one of their best rooms – I’m not complaining about the extra few $ spent! 😉


They have a decent selection of meals at competitive price points – and they serve as early as breakfast time (with beer if you wish!). My personal favourite is their stir-fried chicken with Asian sauce; bomb af, great with beer (or coffee, why not).


The Mad Monkey chain of hostels is known for their friendly, everyone-is-welcome-here vibe and as a solo traveler, they have definitely raised the bar for me when it comes to hostel atmosphere. I arrived alone, but ended up having a great time with one too many people from all over the world. Later in my stay, I realised they have customer experience representatives who ensure that every guest has a good time and that the overall hostel atmosphere is enjoyable (i.e. start beer pong matches, go around with a beer bong, etc). They’re guests themselves so you won’t get to tell that they’re just doing their “job”, but it’s a nice touch.


And it’s open until the bar is closed AKA around 1AM. It comes with a volley net, too!

And they’re not that strict about drinking by the pool – they trust that all guests are responsible enough with glasses and spilled drinks, so be trustworthy. 😉 Although fret not – the pool is maintained regularly, so every spillage is controlled, more so broken bottles.


It’s not all the time you find a place that’s on happy hour every hour (ish). Beers at a steal, one-for-one cocktails, free-shots-at-the-bar every hour – all the good (crazy) stuff. They have daily hostel and bar activities, too; Sunday Session (chill music, all-day BBQ), ATV Monday’s, Yoga sessions, etc.


AKA there’s more meaning to your stay than just getting a bed and having a grand time at the bar. Aside from ensuring that the Mad Monkey staff are paid well and given benefits that are beyond what’s required by local laws, they have developed a family-like atmosphere amongst themselves, supporting each other in more ways than one. On top of all that, as a company and chain of hostels, they continuously do efforts (i.e. fundraising programs, etc.) to help the local community their hostel belongs to. It is their way of giving back to the community with the help of their guests.

I can go on and on about Mad Monkey Hostel Boracay, but I have a beer to finish (lol). For more information about the company and their social efforts, you can visit their website here.

Not going to Boracay? You can experience the Mad Monkey hospitality in various locations in Southeast Asia! They have recently opened their Nacpan, El Nido, Philippines hostel, with another one at El Nido Town under construction. They’re also present in Bangkok, as well as in various cities and towns in Cambodia – Phnom Penh, Siem Reap, Koh Rong Samloem, and Kampot.

Find the good in getting lost,


This post was written in collaboration with Mad Monkey Hostels. Like anything else, all opinions are my own.

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