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#FeedGoals in Singapore

Singapore is easily in my top places to visit. It’s more than just a beautiful city to me; it’s home. So on my nth trip to Singapore (second for the year lol), I decided to visit a national park called Coney Island, a once-abandoned island now flocked by locals (no tourists!) for their ~feed~ goals on Instagram.

How to Get There

Geographically, Coney Island is in the north-eastern part of the island, all the way to end of the island bordering Malaysia (jk not really). It can be visited by train and bus service, which will approximately take you 75 minutes, more or less, each way.

Basically, get on the MRT and find yourself to Punggol station via the North East Line (purple). When you get there, walk to the bus berths and find the one that says Berth B1 and board Bus 84.

Get off when you start seeing horses (I know, horses .. in Singapore .. outside the zoo!) and ranch houses.


Soon as you get off Bus 84, you will see Punggol Ranch Resort where horseback riding and OOTD-ing are must-do’s. Get your Instagram followers jealous by posing in front (or taking photos) of these ranch houses; they transport you to a completely different world. The resort does not feel like Singapore at all.

From here, walk to Punggol Settlement where restaurants, a convenience store, and bike rentals are waiting for you.


You can walk to Coney Island, but no one in their right mind would do that. The only way to get around and back is by bike. Cycle rentals go for a minimum of 2 hours (and then by the hour) and cost S$8. I got myself an Instagram-worthy bike for obvious reasons; it’s 2$ more lol but who says no to an Insta-worthy bike! For reference, you will more or less take 2 hours to go around so it’s more then enough time to make it back (unless you dilly dally a lot).

Coney Island has four “beaches” (plus a secret one), but I reckon they’re not actually beaches people swim at. The once-called Haw Par Island was originally meant as a recreational private island for the Aw Boon brothers (of Tiger Balm); and putting that into context, they had quite a vision for it – one that was never fulfilled, sadly.

There isn’t much to see in the island except getting creative with your photos, which in my opinion, was worth the trip to the island. I have not been to a place as quiet and as natural; I highly recommend a visit if you’re tired of the usual itinerary around the city.


You will spend a maximum of 2 hours around the island. Putting into consideration the time it will take you to get there, it will take half of your day. Before you head back to your hotel though, alight at Somerset (interchange at Dhoby Ghaut) and walk to Orchard Central for library@orchard. It’s a free-for-all library (but you will need an IC to loan books) in the middle of the shopping district, and it’s quite perfect for feed goals, honestly.

Now hop on the train again for one of Singapore’s many secrets – Bukit Timah Railway, the railway that once allowed train travel from Singapore to Johor Bahru in Malaysia. From Somerset (or wherever you are coming from), find your way to King Albert Park station (Downtown Line) and head to exit A. You’ll see the bridge from there (about 7-10 minutes by walking). Ideally, you will see signs headed to the old station, but if there are none, climb through for the Insta. That’s what I did, and I’m still alive, lol.

People say it’s “illegal” to go here, but I’ve seen people jogging through the railway, plus a few more posing for their Insta-goals (lol). I’d say come at your own risk, but if it’s really actually illegal to go there, why is it still too accessible?

I hope these satisfy your #feedgoals, beyond the usual Marina Bay Sands and Haji Lane. If you’re aware of some other secrets of the city, please share them! I know there are a lot in town, and sharing is caring. Lol

Find the good in getting lost,

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