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Seven Secrets of Southern Bali

Southern Bali and Seminyak – easily a tourist favourite, where beaches, lounge and pool bars, and themed night clubs bring life to the town 24 / 7.

More than these, however, are some things most visitors overlook when in the south. Here are seven secrets (don’t tell anyone!):

1. Get on a speedboat to Nusa Penida

One of the most Instagram-able islands off of Bali. It’s tough to get there and to go around (off road mismatch), and it could get a little too stressful journey-wise. But it’s amazing. Details here.

2. Spot “crash” sites

For my fellow AV geeks. Although there’s not much to do there as you can’t go down and explore, but it was nice seeing it in the flesh.

There are two abandoned aircrafts in the island, by the way. Find the other one.

3. Forget hotels – rent a house

Airbnb was my best friend. Again, because I hate the tourist crowds. Lol, and it’s always nice to go home to a quiet place after a busy day of traveling.

And a private pool at the end of the day is nothing short of perfect!

4. Spend a day at Balangan Beach

It’s a surfers’ playground, though. If you can’t swim and ride waves, don’t go too far into the water. Trust me, I almost drowned lol.

Sun beds come with a minimal fee. There are cafes, restaurants, and surf houses along the shore.

5. Get fancy at W Bali

Day beds at Woo Bar are available for non in-house guests, but make sure you reserve at least a day ahead. A minimum spend of IDR1,000,000 is required; it’s not that hard to fill up the tab. Food is OK, drinks are perfect.

Yes, you can bring your drinks to the pool. But they will ask you to transfer your drink into a plastic glass.

6. Have breakfast at Shelter

Great place. Amazing food. I’ve no words.


7. Be a hippy at Mrs. Sippy

Newest lounge and pool bar in Seminyak. Good music, decently priced drinks, chill pool. Possibly my biggest regret; I wish I stayed a full day here instead.

They have diving platforms – 1, 3, and 5 metres!

Get a sun bed for free, “just order anything”. Day beds have a minimum spend of IDR1,000,000 (or a little more), but these minimum spend amounts shouldn’t bother you, especially if you’re a big group. Towels are charged at IDR50,000.

BONUS: Use up one (just one) day to see tourist spots

If you’re lucky, sunset is nice at Tanah Lot and Uluwatu Temples. You can only see one at a time though as they’re far from each other, so you will have to decide which temple you want to see at sunset. Sadly, I did not see either at sunset due to bad weather (hence the lack of decent photos).

Single Fin has some great views for sundown as well. Chill music, good drinks, amazing pizza.

Also – Nusa Dua has nice beaches; waterblow was cool. But this area felt too western and touristy for me, so meh.

That’s Southern Bali. There are other areas to explore, I know, but that’s for next time.

You can know more about my Bali visit here; see why the island is such a dream. I have also enumerated 13 reasons why you should stay in Ubud, in case you need convincing.

Find the good in getting lost,

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